What do you get…? 

I offer translation from English or Portuguese into my native German. I´ve learned my source languages in situ and communicate in a clear and concise manner. I can also proofread, check, and edit your texts. My specialty for all of the above is to produce German texts that don´t sound like translations. For premium copy quality my quota is limited to 6 standard pages per day.


My name is Jennifer Schuré. I was born and foremost raised in the north of Germany with an 8-year interlude in the south of Portugal.
My practical skills are based on sound training – I have a double Masters in Political Science and Rhetoric. I studied politics, communication, art history, and Portuguese at universities in Germany and Denmark. While I worked for the UK market I refined my English to a close-to-native level and gained in-depth experience in finance.

What have I done? 

Most of my recent work involved translating and proofreading finance, law, IT and marketing related texts, such as

  • Finance: Translated and proofread finance policies, guidelines, and training materials.
  • IT and software: Localised user and administrator interfaces for software from English into German. Translated user manuals.
  • Marketing: Translated and proofread press releases, web-content, marketing materials. Localisation of websites.

For starters, ask me any question, e.g. for more information or a test translation. Let´s see how we go from there.